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By Rachel Wise Posted: That’s a lesson Manti Te’o learned the hard way. Te’o, a Notre Dame star linebacker, was the victim of an elaborate hoax, a Jan. According to Te’o, he was duped into believing his online girlfriend died during the college football season. In reality, Lennay Kekua, the girl for whom he had fallen, never existed in the first place. As soon as these reports surfaced, I knew what it meant: Te’o was insisting he had been “catfished. In addition to bringing light to a very disturbing phenomenon, the film spawned a TV show that debuted recently on MTV.

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Certainly, there are stories about people who post photos of themselves taken years earlier, often when their waists were thinner and their hair thicker, or who created bios that made them sound smarter, more powerful or wealthier than they actually were. But there also have been occasions when someone is taken in by online lovers for weeks or months. His story became the basis of a documentary and, later, the television show.

Nev Schulman, the star and creator of the MTV show “Catfish” that follows Internet dating hoaxes, knows all about it. His story became the basis of a documentary and, later, the television show. Schulman was psyched out by an Internet pretender, commonly known as a “catfish,” who created a fake life.

Are you considering finding a Russian wife, corresponding with a Russian woman, using a Russian dating agency, already been scammed or just want to be sure that your correspondent and relationship is genuine? Then read on, and find out about the bizarre world of the Russian online dating. Things are not always what they seem! What is the scam? There are many scams; here are some of the top ones: The Russian woman is not the one in the photos you receive.

The Russian woman or man posing as a woman has no intention of dating or marrying you; she just wants you to send money or airline tickets. The Russian woman is just interested in a green card, you she will divorce you as soon as she receives it 2 years after marrying you and arriving in the US Let’s look at these in more detail:

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Many men do not realize when they become a subject to a common Internet scam, often referred to as Russian Bride Scam. They think that this scam can only happen to some men who are looking for a “Russian mail order bride”. In reality, many men become a victim of a Russian Bride Scam without even realizing it. Although there are many honest Russian women seeking partners online was one of them – albeit long time ago: So, how can you recognize and detect a Russian Brides Scam?

And more importantly, how can you protect yourself from becoming a victim?

In online dating? Are you kidding? the illusion of his dead girlfriend in the weeks after he received a call claiming that Lennay Kekua and her death were hoaxes,” according to a CNN article. Of course, this could never happen to you, right? WRONG!

The losses are counted in millions. All is fake — letters, photos, and feelings. The texts of the letters are prewritten and often sent and received by a database-driven computer script. Internet criminals use sophisticated scripts and custom-built software to contact thousands of male users of Internet personals, creating fake ‘Russian women’ identities and requesting money for airplane tickets, following the old wives tale of ‘mail order brides’.

According to Elena, men using online dating sites regularly receive emails from ‘Russian women’ offering friendship, love and marriage. Most users simply disregard such emails but some people are curious and can be sucked in. The people receiving the money often don’t know they are part of a fraud scheme; they simply get a small fee for each transfer they receive. Once someone reports the fraud and the name is black listed by wire transfer companies, the criminals find someone else to receive the money for them.

The wise thing to do is to never send money to anyone you haven’t met in person. They don’t do any research and pay dearly.

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February 14, – Posted: October 8, – Views: This act is known as CatPhishing or CatFishing, a dating or romance scam where persons perpetrate themselves as someone they are not on an online dating or social media website, in order to gain access to personal and banking information from their “online love”. Advertisements What these scammers will do is, create fake online accounts on dating websites or social media where they prey on your emotional side expressing their love to you in a very somewhat short time as a means of building your trust and gaining your interests.

They also appeal to your compassionate side by sharing personal information, stories and even send you gifts by making you feel loved. Once these scammers have earned your trust they will ask you for large sums of cash, gifts or your banking and credit card information.

In reality, many men become a victim of a Russian Bride Scam without even realizing it. Although there are many honest Russian women seeking partners online (was one of them – albeit long time ago:)), if you don’t know what to look for, you may get scammed.

It can be a comfortable way to get to know someone before meeting him or her in person. Some of these signs could be: To do a reverse image search, click and drag a photo into the search box on Google Images. Learn more on this type of search. Create a separate e-mail account with a free service like Gmail to use just for your online dating activity. If an address is required to register for a site, consider getting a post office box instead of using your home address.

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He assures readers that no, Mr. In short, Christensen tries to bring his readers the facts, even as lies and mistruth swirl all around him. Way back in , when he began his quest, he gave his website the suitably ambitious name, Hoax-Slayer. Christensen claims around 1 million visits per month, three-quarters of which arrive from search engines.

His home office is a minimally appointed room with an adjustable desk, a copy machine, a single computer monitor, and plenty of unused space. One of the walls is painted blue, and on either side of the monitor hangs a calendar and a framed assortment of Christensen family photos.

Popular online dating site OKCupid went down for the count early this morning, and continues to be unreachable despite OKCupid (also known as ‘OKC’) saying on Twitter that the site is back up.

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If you decide to get involved with someone you’ve met online be sure to take precautions to protect yourself.

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Online scams and hoaxes. It’s estimated that more than $m flows out of New Zealand every year due to an international network of scammers targeting innocent and quick to trust Kiwis. If you’ve ever sold your car online, tried out online dating websites or thought about giving a donation to charity – for example in the wake of the.

Did you know that identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the world? Every 2 seconds an American becomes a victim of identity theft or fraud. In fact, people all around the world are increasingly becoming victims of identity theft and various types of online and phone fraud. This page book identifies over 30 ways identity theft can occur and discusses how to recognize and protect yourself in each instance. Do you know the six essential strategies for safe computing, and are you practicing them?

What about safe use of your smartphone? Can you recognize scam phone calls and understand how identity thieves and fraudsters trick people into parting with their money and personal information? Are you looking for love or employment opportunities online? Can you recognize the telltale signs of a dating or job scam? How can you help protect your elderly parent online?

This eBook provides answers to these questions and many more. In the eBook, we focus mainly on prevention. We discuss how to recognize and detect various ways that identity thieves and fraudsters try to steal your personal information and your money. Of course, preventing fraud and identity theft is much better than trying to recover from such attacks.

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The notion that someone would dedicate so much time to building a fake life and extensive fake network of friends and family, and use it to deceive others — frankly, it blew my mind. So when the Manti Te’o scandal came to light last week, I grew equally as fascinated. The bottom line is questions must be answered.

I saw this in theaters when it came out, and it made me think. It has a similar premise:

Report your concerns about online incidents including spam messages, online traders, objectionable material, privacy breaches, scams and frauds through Netsafe’s The Orb website. On this page Common scams sent by spam email.

And the media ate it up. Just as I suspected, “progressive” pranksters at Oberlin College have been definitively unmasked as the perpetrators of phony campus “hate crimes” that scored international headlines in March. The blabbermouth academic administrators who helped fuel the hysteria are now running for cover. Throughout the winter, anti-black and anti-gay graffiti, swastikas, and a shadowy figure in a “KKK hood” surfaced on the tiny campus outside Cleveland, Ohio.

Back in the s, race-obsessed nutballs at Oberlin College cooked up a horrid hate-crime hoax. Asian-American students claimed that a phantom racist had spray-painted anti-Asian racial epithets on a campus landmark rock. It turned out that it was a warped Asian-American student who perpetrated the dirty deed.

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